About a month ago Bob Bailey announced a very special Dog Trainer’s Workshop where 18 dog trainers would be pre-selected from applicants and invited to participate.  You had to submit a video showing your timing, skills and criteria selection/shift.   So I went ahead and submitted mine but was thinking there was probably no way I would get in knowing how many fabulous trainers are on Bob’s list.  Seeing the words “Congratulations, you have been selected” was, to say the least, a moment where I was lost for words and another moment of jumping for joy.  The opportunity to train again with Bob Bailey is, in and of itself a golden opportunity, but now we will specifically be creating training plans, discussing criteria shifts, and maximize efficiency of training for DOGS.  

So we will be making a road trip to Maryland in May for this Workshop and a BONUS is that I get to see Terry Herman and my dear Idgie once again.  This time on their home turf.  

Here is a short video from Bob Bailey’s Chicken Workshop that we attended in January, 2016.  This is my Graduation Video from the Cueing Workshop. 


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