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November 17 – 19, 2017

Workshop and Clinic Overview


The following general topics will be covered:





Canine Body Awareness: 

Shaping:  Understanding Learning Theory 

Rules of Engagement Games

Discrimination / Distraction



Human/Canine Body Awareness: 

Shaping: Understanding Learning Theory

Handling Discrimination / Distraction through Games

Handling Foundation Techniques

Jumping Grids

What You Will Learn

RELATIONSHIP Building:   Each training session will begin with the use of fun games so that we can create more contingencies and build value for you as a handler.  We will also be creating a more ‘operant’ dog through a lot of the “thinking” games we play with our dogs.   This creates a dog that loves to be with us as well as “work” with us but also put value into behaviors we want to see. 

COMPRESSION & EXTENSION Exercises:  These are two of the most important exercises in our handling foundation seminars which will become crucial skills for your dog in agility.  We will be working on learning how to teach your dog to compress and wrap a jump as well as extend – both with the use of verbals and physical cues but ultimately testing the behaviors on “verbals” only.   Timing and placement of rewards are important in these exercises. 

HANDLING EXERCISES:  We will initially be going over various exercises in Prep School, Flatwork and Blueprint to cover some of the struggles people are experiencing with timing, criteria and placement of reward.  The emphasis will also be on getting better human mechanics and clearer cuing for the dog.  Wraps, backsides, threadles and blind cross foundation work will be the emphasis in the seminar.

HUMAN CONDITIONING:   We being with a short session of Yoga stretches for the agility handler.  Important stretches to keep injures at bay and to ultimately help us run better.

CANINE CONDITIONING:   We will be starting each morning session warming up the dogs.  Initially we will get a baseline measurements and learning to observe our dogs for any potential injuries etc.  With the use of peanuts, balance discs, fitbones, bozu balls, fit pods etc. we will do further body awareness exercises including rear end awareness, abduction exercises, ipsilateral exercises, doggy push ups and an intro to planking,

SHAPING:  We will be shaping certain agility obstacles such as tunnels, travel plank, tire etc. These exercises are specifically used in order to teach the student what to look for, how to get the behavior, how to reward it and more importantly how to get it under stimulus control.   These exercises are designed to put “Learning Theory” into practice. 

JUMP GRID WORK:  We will be touching on some of Susan Salo’s jump grid exercises to create great form for later sequencing.  These exercises are brilliant for creating great jumping skills.

Who Benefits from this Class

This class is geared toward those that are looking for the following skills:

Great for young dogs 9 months or older and even older dogs that need a better more solid foundation.

You know there is more to learn about training your dog and you just need to find the right help.

You are having trouble with understanding how to shape and cue behaviors more effectively and efficiently.

You need an instructor that can tell you why you have the behaviors you have and how to change them effectively.

You want more joy in your training for both you and your dog and less frustration and punishment

You are stalling with your training.  Your behaviors are not getting any better and you are not moving forward

Previous Students in Foundation

Agility & Handling Clinic

Plans and Pricing



What the STUDENTS Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my students do the talking!

“Suzanne Wesley is not only a superb professional trainer, she is a caring and understanding individual.  Her ability to break down behaviors is so clever.  Not only does she relate well with the dogs she teaches she is also supportive to the individual needs of each handler.  It does not matter if you have years of experience or are just starting out with your first dog, Suzanne will customize your training plan to what you and your dog needs first and foremost. ”

Naomi Lane | Naples, Florida

Getting the opportunity to train with Suzanne has exceeded all of my expectations. She has an unbelievable amount of knowledge which allows her to fully break down old behaviors and build them again using a newer scientific based approach.  She is also able to explain the exact steps a handler will need to take in order to improve whatever particular exercise you are working on. This is extremely important because oftentimes we know a behavior needs to be changed, but we don’t necessarily know how to fix it. The content of her lessons and clinics along with the step-by-step instruction is invaluable to both new and experienced handlers. Suzanne is patient with questions, pushes you to move forward and she has a quick wit which keeps training light and fun. Last but not least, My puppy has constant wagging tail from the beginning to end of our sessions and that is a wonderful reflection of Suzanne’s training methods!

Karen Pritchard | Pensacola, FL

Suzanne Wesley is an amazing teacher! She is helping me become the agility handler I want to be. She pushes me outside my comfort zone which has helped me to grow and learn so much. When I first got my puppy, Bounty, she made a few house calls to help me train Bounty in the home environment. I remember she told me that many issues start in the home so she wanted to help me learn how to take advantage of all the learning opportunities available! Additionally she created a private Facebook group so I could post videos and ask questions! I then started taking private lessons at her home with both of my dogs. These sessions were awesome and she helped me understand both of my dogs and their needs. I continue to use the private Facebook page for additional guidance. I then joined her puppy foundation class which gave me and Bounty a strong foundation and helped to build her focus and drive. This class has a private Facebook page as well where she posts videos of exercises you can work on at home. I continued into her handling foundation class which has propelled me and Bounty into being able to run in AKC Premier classes! We even took 1st place in one😍. I can’t say enough good things about the value I receive from Suzanne’s classes and private sessions. Another great thing she offers is course analysis using Coach’s Eye. She will take one of your agility course runs and go through it in detail and show you what you did well and where you can improve and how you can improve! Very valuable to help you become a better handler for your dog!!! If you want to become a better handler I highly recommend you contact Suzanne, schedule a session and become the handler you want to be!!!

Linda Avery Culliton | Crestview, FL


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are typically in your classes

We have no more than 8 students in Rules of Engagement Workshop and 10 students in the Foundation Agility & Handling Clinic.  Therefore instruction is more personalized and students have the ability to have much more interaction and time training the skills that are presented in the clinics.

What Items do I need to Bring to the Clinic

Please bring the following items with you:

  1.  Crate (either a wire or cloth crate)
  2.  Raised Bed for controlled position while your teammate works
  3.  Writing Pad & Pen
  4.  Videoing device (highly recommend taking video)
  5.  Food Rewards – Three kinds (low, medium and high value)
  6.  Toy Rewards – Three kinds (low, medium and high value)
  7.  Water for your dog
  8.  Chair and shading for yourself and your dog.

Do You Have Questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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