SIRIUS DOG TRAINING – USDAA Team Tournament Trial – Alpharetta, GA

I have not been back to Wills Park, Alpharetta in over 11 years.   Two reasons:  More trials down my way and of course the major factor is the “Atlanta Traffic”.  Ugh….  And it was not good.  It took about 2.5 hours to drive 50 miles.  However, all that paled in comparison to the wonderful weekend we had, the beautiful weather, the lovely trial site and good friends and competitors that I was able to catch up with.  Just perfect.  Thank you Meryl Sheard and Sirius Dog Training for putting on another fabulous show.

We came to get our final Team and Grand Prix qualifications and the poodles did it in style.   With my baby dog coming out now, I am getting quite used to running 3 dogs in agility and still having energy at the end of the day.  My fitness level is the best it has been since I was a teenager.  All the work I have done with my physical fitness, paying attention to diet and my getting my back treated bi-monthly by a chiropractor has paid off handsomely.   I feel absolutely terrific.






 Sirius Dog Training

Alpharetta, GA

April, 2017


My buddy Scorch was his usual awesome self.  Our teammates were Jennifer Denereaz and Rize and Rebecca Schnulle and Trendi.  Rize and Trendi were two young dogs needing Qs.  Although Scorch was already qualified for Nationals I decided to say yes to both Jennifer and Rebecca to help them out as I was going to the trial to get Raya second Q for team.    Well what a pleasant surprise to see that we actually placed FIRST overall in team.


TEAM Tournament Results OVERALL

Poodles on the Rize: 1st Place – Q 

Team Standard – 1st Place

Team Gamblers – 1st Place

Team Jumpers –   3rd Place

Team Snooker –  4th Place

Team Relay – 2nd Place


Some great competition in the 14′ class with Beth Martin & Keen/Brink, Myssie Derm & Jasper, Kim Neff & Vegas and a special poodle Miso and her fabulous hanlder Barbara Currier, just to name a few.  They all gave us a run for our money and kept us on our toes.  Thank you ladies!!  Scorch came home with some awesome stats and nabbed FIRST place OVERALL Individual. 


Masters Challenge Biathlon Jumpers –  2nd Place

Masters Challenge Biathlon Standard – 1st Place

Biathlon Tournament Overall – 1st Place Q

Masters Gamblers – 1st Place

Grand Prix Qualifier – 1st Place

Steeplechase FINALS – 3rd Place


Mama Raya never ceases to amaze me.   Such a little champ.   She had first placements in all her runs. She teamed up with the amazing and super sweet Melissa Nunnick and Toast.  What a joy it is to team up with Melissa.  She brings her effervescent smile and personality to everything she does and everyone she meets.  She just makes me smile 🙂   We must do this again!  Good times!

Versatility Tournament OVERALL

Toasters Poodle: 3rd Place – Q

Perf. Versatility Standard –  1st Place

Perf. Versatility Gamblers – 1st Place

Perf. Versatility Jumpers – 1st Place

Perf. Versatility Snooker –  1st Place



Perf. Speed Jumping – 1st Place

Performance Grand Prix Qualifier – 1st Place

Perf. Speed Jumping FINALS –  1st Place

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