UKI SOUTHEASTERN CUP, Brooksville, FL – January 7 & 8, 2017

Brilliant Dogs held their Inaugural UKI Southeastern CUP in Brooksville, FL this past weekend.   WOW what a great event and I have to thank Kaimen Miller, Sara Duke and many others who helped to pull that whole trial together.  What a FUN and relaxed atmosphere. Many many thanks to judge Marco Magiolo for some really awesome courses, which I have attached below. What great challenges he put up for us and I enjoyed every single course we ran.  Thank you Marco.

We did not have the weather Gods shining their normally beautiful Florida weather on us.  We had two bitterly cold days, at least for us woozy Floridians. LOL.    However, the competition, wonderful courses, relaxed atmosphere and friendly club members and exhibitors made it easy for us to forget the weather and our frozen bodies LOLOL.

So, how did we do?  WOW… considering I could hardily feel my feet or face but for a couple of hours on Sunday the Sonic Canines (Scorch, Synge and Raya) did amazingly well.   Scorch put in some awesome runs despite my late calls, and sludgy lead feet.  Three first placements in Round 1 plus some seconds, thirds and a fourth.  He ended up being the 12 inch OVERALL RESERVE CHAMPION.   Raya was her usual fabulous self also getting some firsts and seconds and actually became the 8 inch (S) OVERALL CHAMPION.   I think both dogs get byes into something.  I’ll figure that out by the time Nationals rolls along 🙂   The one that continually blows my socks off is my young novice dog Synge who has just started her agility career.  She was just AMAZING!.  I only put in her a few classes, just for the purpose of training, but she still managed to place 3rd overall in Speedstakes overall.  YAY baby dog!!

  • RAYA – FIRST Place 8 inch (S) Biathlon 
  • RAYA – FIRST Place 8 inch (S) Speedstakes
  • RAYA – SECOND Place 8 inch (S) Games Challenge
  • RAYA – SECOND Place 8 inch (S) Master Series 
  • SCORCH – FIRST Place 12 inch Biathlon
  • SCORCH – THIRD Place 12 inch Games Challenge
  • SCORCH – FOURTH Place 12 inches Master Series (FIRST Place in Round 1 Agility)
  • SYNGE (Baby Dog) – THIRD Place 12 inch Speedstakes

Big shout out to my fellow competitors.  Thank you for the competition and camaraderie.  And to fellow exhibitors and friends that I love to chit chat with and have a laugh. Wish we had more time to visit rather than huddling and trying to keep warm LOLOL    Lovely to see you all there!!!

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